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Please click on the names to read the letters.

Penny Price

Penny Price is an Emmy-/Maggie-/Telly-award-winning television and documentary producer, director, and writer. Her credits include: The Mike Douglas Show, Good Morning America, NBC Magazine, Geraldo, Kids are People Too, and currently focused on Body, Mind & Spirit media.

Rex Beasley

Mr. Beasley is an architectural engineer on the leading edge of architecture and building. He has created Fluid Architecture®, a method by which walls, floors, roofs, offices, even conference tables move to form different configurations as needed. Entire rooms move to the outdoors, views change, art gallery walls move to show different artists. He has also created Geo-Tech, environmentally conscious housing for the Third World.

James Birren

Dr. James E. Birren is the co-founder and associate director of the UCLA Center on Aging, the Founder of the UCLA and USC Departments of Gerontology, he is Professor Emeritus of Gerontology and Psychology, and is called "The Father of Gerontology in North America."

Lena Michaels

Lena Michaels is a live event and concert producer/artist manager/marketing and public relations consultant. Currently, Ms. Michaels is the Producer and Project Manager of the Human Spirit Enterprises

Eli Rebenstein

Mr. Rubenstein is the National Director of the Canadian contingent of the worldwide organization, March of the Living, which takes Jewish teenagers from around the world to the sites of the pogroms, the concentration camps, and then to Israel. For the last 15 years, he is the spiritual leader of Toronto’s Congregation Habonim, one of three Liberal synagogues in the world.

Dana Walden

Mr. Walden is a record producer with several hit songs to his credit. He is the president of the Coyote Record label, Laurel Canyon Entertainment, and is currently producing the CD by world-renowned Koko the gorilla who has mastered 1000 words via sign language.

Dr. Allan Oolo

Dr. Austin is a chiropractor and the creator of the amazing medical breakthrough called Trigenics ©. It is an amalgam of Western neurophysiology and ancient Eastern medicine that is able to heal heretofore incurable soft-tissue injuries and conditions — with both immediate and long-term results. He is also a songwriter, performer, actor, and musician.

Ron Lavin

Ron Lavin, M.A. is the founder and director of A Healing Touch schools across America and in Europe. His training is for both healthcare professionals and laypersons wishing to enhance their own consciousness and healing skills,. He is also a frequent guest on television, radio, and has done several magazine interviews. His first book is forthcoming.

Geoffrey Lands

Mr. Lands is a film producer in Los Angeles, California.

Linda Johnson Hoffman

Ms. Hoffman is the owner/president of her own publishing company, Goodman Lauren Publishing. She is the co-writer of The Reunion Planner, the most successful book of its kind on the market, and the creator of widely used people-finding software.

Linda Johnson Hoffman

Michael E. Smythe B.A., LL.B. is the creator and CEO of THE PAYTRIBUTE CORPORATION, based in Toronto, Canada. PAYTRIBUTE.NET makes over 124 categories of personalized movies on DVD for individuals, their special occasions, for schools, teams, groups, and small-to-mid-sized businesses, and professionals.
PAYTRIBUTE is in the process of opening branches accross North America!


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