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Author Bios

FAY SAMULON was born in Bern, Switzerland in 1916 and spent many vacations with her mother’s side of the family in Paris. While still in high school, she met her husband-to-be, Henry, a brilliant electronics and acoustical engineering student at the M.I.T. of Switzerland, when he became a boarder in her parents’ apartment. Fay grew up to become a dentist. During all of WWII, Henry was essentially trapped in Switzerland and life was not easy for them there. It took nine years for the Swiss government to allow them to marry. It was not until the end of WWII that she and Henry and their six-month-old son finally received visas to come to America. The Samulons lived on the east coast for several years where their second son was born, and in 1956, moved to Los Angeles. Henry died in 1997 and Fay still lives in the first house they bought in Pacific Palisades. She is the proud grandmother of five. She remains politically active in The League of Women Voters, takes several university courses, and teaches English to Russian immigrants.

What really went on inside this so-called “neutral Country of Transit” for Jewish refugees has remained hidden all these years. Fay has gathered the courage to tell the truth in her story.

Lisa-Catherine & Fay Samulon

LISA-CATHERINE COHEN, born in Toronto, Canada, is an internationally known lyricist and writer. She attended Northwestern University and graduated from the University of Southern California’s Film and Television Department. As a songwriter, Ms. Cohen has garnered two platinum albums and three number-one hits. Many of her songs have been heard in films and television shows. Lisa-Catherine has been was a resident of Los Angeles since her university days.
She works with clients in both L.A. and her native Canada.

Currently, she is a non-fiction author and biographer and a published editor. She also facilitates workshops called “Guided Autobiography™” that aid people in writing their life stories, and speaks publicly about its importance and benefits. Her mentor, Dr. James E. Birren, the “Father of Gerontology in North America” who created this system, contributed the foreword to this book. When she met Fay Samulon in late 1998, Lisa-Catherine was fascinated by the story of Fay’s life. And thus, this book was born.


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